The Bill Squire Show Episode 80: Forced Enjoyment

In this episode of The Bill Squire Show, we have a lot of fun! Tommi and Bill have peed in bottles while driving but A.J. hasn't. We talk about breakups and relationships. Bill thinks Tommi should be judge people more. Memes from Tommi and a customer. Bill and A.J. bring some fire jokes. Lots of laughs!

Good Meal Jane Ad: 1:23

Bottle Peeing: 2:25

Bill's Date: 5:04

Tommi Saw A Breakup: 7:55

Tommi's Relationship Corner 12:40

Dying Alone: 20:05

Daddy Talk: 23:46

Tomm-Memes 28:24

Bill's McRib Joke 35:20

AJ's Baby Poop Joke 36:33

Bill's Bow & Arrow Joke 37:49

AJ's Opera Joke 39:35

Bill's Pornhub Joke 40:10

AJ's Brett Farve Joke 43:32

Bill's Gruden Joke 44:50

Bill and AJ's Kyrie Joke 46:00

AJ's Rolling Stone Joke 47:41

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