Alan Cox is a highly-motivated crosscut saw enthusiast, drummer, and cashew advocate whose basal body temp is always around a cozy 92.7F. He is unable to swim and firmly believes that Chaldeans have no place in our nation's polka halls.

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Mary Santora has been named the "Best Undiscovered Comedian in Ohio" by Thrillist Magazine in 2018, "Comic of the Week" by The Jackie and Laurie podcast, the "Best Female Comedian" by Cleveland Scene Magazine in 2016, 2017 and 2019, and is quickly making a name for herself as one of the best up and coming comics in the country. She has a straightforward, quick witted style, and has performed at comedy clubs all over the country alongside Dave Attell, Tom Papa, Jen Kirkman, and Kyle Kinane, to name a few. Offstage, Mary is a real gal-about-town! You can catch her taking pictures of her food at local restaurants, pretending to be cultured at museums and musicals, and playing dress up at country music concerts.

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In 2004 Bill Squire was just your regular old excommunicated Mormon Missionary trying to find his way through life. He stumbled into a stand-up comedy open mic and years later he has made almost as much money as a middle school science teacher.

Bill has been seen on Comedy Central... but not for a long time. He won a contest that led to a clip of his stand up playing for about a minute during a commercial break. He was a regular cast member on the cult favorite YouTube series Man in the Box, starring opposite Cleveland Comedy Legend and Red Lobster regular Mike Polk Jr. Bill has worked with such famous comedians like Daniel Tosh, Dave Coulier, George Wallace, and doubts any of them remember his name.

In 2008 Bill recorded and released his debut album Sarcasm Bus independently and has sold thousands of copies. In 2011 Bill teamed up with Slow Mutant Productions and filmed his one hour comedy special Just Say Your Jokes which has over 37,000 views on YouTube. In 2013, Bill released Crowded, which reached number eight on the iTunes comedy charts.

Bill was named one of Cleveland Magazine's "Most Interesting People" in January of 2013 but would gladly give up his spot to that RTA bus driver that punched that loud chick.

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What's up guys?! The name is Cody Brown, also known by my nickname, Poundcake. I'm the newest addition to The Alan Cox Show, and probably the loudest. I was an intern turned call-screener after Alan snatched me off the mic of my old college radio station, WZIP. As a child being born and raised in northeast Ohio, I had big dreams. I got into radio originally as a backup plan to marrying a wealthy white man twice my age, but now that I'm in it, I actually love it (still waiting on that wealthy white man though).

Hobbies include: watching trash TV, excessive social media use, creating alter-egos for myself, and drinking overly sweetened drinks to get drunk. Phobias: Bugs of any kind, pooping at work, and being ugly. You can catch me at any hotspot around the Rubber City or the CLE, because I'm always down for a few good friends and a good time. Watch out world, this millennial is about to take the broadcasting biz by storm! I'M A BRAND BITCH, I'M A BRAND!!!!

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