What Can I Say?

I’m shocked, but not surprised. I’m numb, but saddened. I’m infuriated, but not unhinged. What can I say? What is there to say? After yesterday’s events, I didn’t want to do my #politicakeepisode this week. What would have been tears of joy, turned into tears of horror as I watched the country I was born in be dragged away by anarchists in redhats. This episode of The Poundtake Podcast is just a quick reaction to the events that unfolded on a new day that will live in infamy, 1/6/2021. My reaction is raw, and not all my thoughts are gathered, it’s mostly just pure emotion. Usually when I do these podcasts, I always think of what I could’ve said after it’s already published. Today, that doesn’t matter. I don’t have to say much. You all saw for yourself. If you don’t get it by now then you never will.