The Best of Cobra Radio

On certain occasions, it’s fun to look back on things. You probably don’t want to look back on old prom photos. You also don’twannascroll through old college photos from parties you don’t even remember. Lastly, I know damn well you don’t want to look up your old Myspace page and see what trouble you got into back in the day. But today is different for me. I thought it would be so much fun to go back through my old college radio tapes. I’m glad I saved my favorites for memories, critiques, and the latestPoundtakeof course ;) But seriously, as we wrap up 2020, I wanted to go back down memory lane and explore my life at what I thought back then was my happiest. Check out the latest episode where I interview American Idol winner, Kris Allen. Also, hear me fangirl over him and really show my GAYDHD.

It was a normal day like any other when I was walking up to Kolbe Hall on the campus of The University of Akron. Once I got to WZIP, I saw a note that was left on my desk asking me if I was interested in having Kris Allen live in the studio. After I spoke to his wife (who I guess helps him book interviews) I was super excited to get some insight into one of my favorite TV shows growing up. The day came for the interview, and I washellaexcited to meet Kris! I approached the green room of the auditorium he had just performed in, and there he was! He was grinning, handsome, and eager to start our interview. I really thought I was killing the game, I thought once I sent this demo into Z100, New York would be ringing my line any day. I was so naïve and cute. Not to mention Cobra radio invented #ThrowbackThursdayson Z88. Working at a college radio station allowed me to have an audio diary.

Having these old demo tapes and sharing them with you is cathartic for me. For four years I tried my best to make a name for myself, and not be just some “college DJ.” I watchedradio documentaries, I fought for internships, and I immersed myself with knowledge of all the pop artists we played on our station. Quite frankly, it was fun being able to rule my own roost, but I’m so happy I found a home now where I can be just as creative. I hope you guys enjoyed this old clip as much as I did.

Happy New Year!

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