Long Live The Queen

For this week's Poundtake, I thought it would be fun to dive into a show that I started binging and am now obsessed with. The Crown on Netflix chronicles the life of the royals. After crowdsourcing on what new shows to watch on Facebook, The Crown was the one that came up most frequently. I never understood the concept of royalty. I just saw the castles, sparkly clothes, weird hats, and just watched in amazement. I figured monarchy was a really long bloodline of someone who probably killed someone else to get into power because being rich wasn’t enough for them. I had no idea that kings and queens were supposed to be physical manifestations of God's grace on earth. I didn’t know much about the current queen’s personality at all before I started the show, and now I’m writing a Poundtake about my admiration for her. Who have I become?!

I have always been fascinated by royalty, but only for vanity reasons. I just think about what it would be like to have the money, fame, clothes, and the hoes. Everywhere you go in the world, people know you and greet you with the highest honor. Who wouldn’t want that? Unlike American heads of state, The Queen serves as the moral compass for the U.K. and its Commonwealth countries. I have been a fan of the show The Tudors for over a decade. You can’t go wrong with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who plays King Henry VIII) screaming orders half-naked and putting female companions to death after he’s done sleeping with them. That’s not exactly exhibiting God’s manifestation of his grace on earth. I’m not sure why the monarchy still exists today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m amused by them, but I’m also not paying for their lavish lifestyle. The Queen has done a good job as far as public service, but any public figure can do that. What makes Queen Elizabeth II the most iconic figure in the world? She’s a bad bitch that knows how to keep her family in line, that’s why.

If you read a few Poundtakes back, I wrote a piece called; True American Savage. The article chronicles the life of the Kennedy brothers and how they were brought up to philander. The Kennedys are the closest thing that Americans have to royalty, and yet their scandals do not outweigh their accomplishments. The Royal Family, on the other hand, is nothing but scandal as the queen does her best to stay dignified. Even The Queen’s own sister, Margaret was riddled with scandal, by being the first royal in the family to get divorced in over 400 years. The men ran amuck with the palace, sex parties, affairs, and even withdrawing from the family because the spotlight is was bright. Throughout it all, the Queen has remained silent, poised, and the pinnacle of grace. I wouldn’t be able to put up with that BS and have my ratchet family ruin my money! She has been a driving force for the past 65 years of queening. At 94, she still killin' em with the fly ass dresses and those icy crowns. Long Live the Queen!