Urban Legend

Part II

On my drive home from work today I had to call my mother to clarify some things and make sure I had the story straight. I asked her about all the “supernatural” occurrences that happened throughout my childhood and needed to make sure I wasn’t delusional. My mother informed me that no, I was not crazy, and there TONS MORE STORIES that I hadn’t heard of from my grandmother. As I said in last week’s Poundtake, that I felt we had a supernatural force following, interacting, and guiding my family, mostly in times of distress. This particular story from the Brown family vault involves my mother’s out-of-control temper. NOTE: you don’t want to stand by any large amounts of glass if you piss my mom off.

It all started because of my brother’s truant ass. He never would wake up for school on time. He thought that it was “better to not show up at all than to show up tardy.” That was one way to look at it. But my mother did not see it that way. She was at her wits' end. My brother had already gone to court for truancy and he and my mom could get into major trouble by his lack of effort showing up. They didn’t know it yet, but this argument would leave both of them confused and in disbelief. As my mother scolded my brother for not getting his lazy ass up for school, she shouted, “I’m so pissed right now, I could shatter that glass!!” The instant my mother pointed at our glass patio door, IT SHATTERED INTO A MILLION PIECES all over our kitchen floor. They were both stunned and unable to explain what just happened. That was only the first time my mother’s anger left us scratching our heads.

The second (and last time) my mom shattered glass was when it was Christmas time and my mom was retrieving some items from layaway. We were at Target waiting in a long ass line (along with all the other broke people) and none of us felt as if we were being shown decent customer service. We had to be in line about a half-hour before it was our turn. My mom had her cart ready to haul out the gifts when one of the managers informed her that some of her items were accidentally sold. My mom instantly became infuriated. Nothing scarier than a black woman who feels like she was wronged by society, I should have known some shit was about to go down. Instead of cursing the manager out, she grabbed her items that they did have and carted toward the door. As she pushed her cart forward, the two-way mirror separating the store from the manager’s office, shattered. The glass breaking in front of the store made as big of a scene as you’d expect. Employees started running up inspecting the scene and my mother as if she threw a bomb at it or something. Customers were scared and started to leave the store. I’m sure Target wanted to pin something on my mom, but they looked at the cameras, and there was nothing, nothing but shattered glass and an old black lady with an attitude. I swear we didn’t go to another target for like a year.

Some things happen to us that can’t be explained. Most of us have feelings of déjà vu, intuition, or “following your gut.” My grandmother used to describe it as “our sins manifest themselves into our everyday life to remind us that God is the one in control” I never thought of uncommon things happening to us as “strange” because our family has been experiencing them for generations. I like to share these stories with you because now that I am old enough to see and understand them for myself, it actually makes me feel pretty unique. I have some pretty cool history flowing through my veins, and who knows what powers I have yet to unleash.