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Freddie Mercury Auction Brings In A Stunning $50.4-Million



Sotheby’s wrapped up the auction of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s personal items, which was a huge success. The 1,400 item sale fetched an impressive $50.4 million.

Among the hottest items up for bid were his Tiffany mustache comb that went for $189-thousand (it was expected to go for $700) and the 13-page "Bohemian Rhapsody” handwritten lyrics with the working title, "Mongolian Rhapsody” that included alternate lines and songs.

That was won for $1.7 million.

Nearly 42,000 bids were placed.

Mercury left his possessions to his first love and friend Mary Austin, who decided to part with them so the world could enjoy the things as he did.

Much of the proceeds will go to two charities.

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