Northeast Ohio Man Donates Car To Stranger Who Had His Stolen

A good Samaritan in Ohio donates a car to a total stranger whose car was stolen. Local news in Canton reported on the theft of Robert Turner’s well-cared-for 1997 Saturn two-door. Turner, who is disabled and on a fixed income, depended on his car to get to doctor’s appointments and to the pharmacy and wouldn’t be able to afford to replace the car.

After the story aired, he received a call from a stranger named Doug, who’d seen the news and wanted to help. Doug had a car that he was planning on giving to charity, so he offered it to Turner. The two strangers met and an instant friendship was formed. Doug gave his old car to Turner, but he didn’t stop there. “We went to the shop. He filled it up with gas,” recalls Turner. “And he paid for all the transfers, the license, and new titles for me.”

Turner says the whole experience is a reminder that when things seem at their worst, an act of kindness can give you hope. “We are just so thankful,” he says. “I believe that people are good, overall, and this just shows that is true.”

Source: News 5 Cleveland

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