“Time Traveler” Reveals What People Are Chowing On In 2075


It appears that, in the future, mankind will no longer eat for pleasure, flavor, or to be social.

A man who simply goes by the moniker of “Kasper” claims to be a time traveler with first-hand knowledge of what “actual food” from the future consists of.

Before we get to the fine dining, we’ve got to look at the circumstances. First off, the Great Flood of 2063 is going to do a great deal of damage.

Then, there are the effects of global warming including melting polar ice caps and copious amounts of coastal flooding. As a result, humans have taken to finding their nourishment in the form of little white capsules.

In his video– where he sports a warbled “Russian-type” accent, a snazzy red blazer and receiver gloves – Kasper says food in the future is free for everyone.

A jar of the little white capsules is delivered to your home, and then you eat one of the pills daily. There’s enough nourishment in each pill to sustain a person for a full day.

So, you’d be considered a glutton if you down two…or even three…on a hard-core binge-eating day.

The good news, however, is there’s no more world hunger,so that’s saying something. But tragically, there’s no word on if there’s ketchup, or a cold beer to wash these ‘little white pills’ down.

Source:Apex TV

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