Carrie Underwood & Josh Groban Kick Off Holidays With Christmas Classics

Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band helped kick off the holidays during the iHeartRadio Holiday Special, hosted by Mario Lopez, by performing some holiday classics and originals.

In a room full of Christmas Trees, Carrie performed songs from her new Christmas album, My Gift, including "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," "Mary Did You Know?" (which she revealed is her husband's favorite), and "O' Holy Night."

Underwood also talked about her new holiday album, which her son Isaiah is featured on ("Little Drummer Boy"). She explained, "He definitely loves music. He loves to sing. There's some pure joy that he just gets from singing, and it makes me so happy. I don't know if this is the life for him, we'll support him in whatever he'd like to do in life. But, that was such a special moment for me, to get to share what I love doing with my son. And, I was like, 'I don't know if it's gonna work, he might not cooperate, or he might not want to.' Definitely didn't want to pressure him in any way, but he was such a pro. He went in and sang, and just sang his little heart out, and I was so proud."

Carrie also said of "Mary Did You Know?," "[It's] one that I knew I had to have on the album, My Gift, because it's my husband's favorite Christmas song, but also because I love that song, and I love thinking about the birth of Jesus from a mother's perspective. I am a mom of two sweet little baby boys, who aren't babies anymore, but I definitely relate to this song as a mom."

In front of a snowy backdrop, Josh Groban performed a few holiday classics including "The Christmas Song" and "I'll Be Home For Christmas," the latter of which he dedicated to everyone who can't be with their families this holiday season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also sang his cover of Kenny Logins' "Celebrate Me Home" from his new album, Harmony.

During the iHeartRadio Holiday Special, Groban also opened up about the making of Harmony, and recalled:

"For the last year, I knew that the next project I wanted to do was gonna be an album that was primarily classic songs. Songs that I've loved for a long time, songs that fans have requested for a long time, we wanted to get beautiful arrangements. I wanted to take off the songwriter hat for a minute, and put on the vocalist hat. We did half the album before the lockdown, and all of a sudden, everything stops, and you suddenly have a new perspective, and you have hindsight of what you've done, and so a whole new crop of songs started to feel relevant and feel good, including a couple of originals. So, it just so happened that one of the songs that we decided to do, regardless of the season, was Kenny Logins' beautiful 'Celebrate Me Home.' And, being at a time when a lot of people can't be celebrated home right now, it felt like a very good and poignant message to have, especially this time of year."

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band also performed some classic holiday songs, including "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," "Walking In A Winter Wonderland," and "This Little Light Of Mine."

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