Chester Bennington's daughters join Grey Daze on sophomore album

Chester Bennington's pre- Linkin Park band, Grey Daze, have enlisted the late frontman's daughters to sing on the band's new album "The Phoenix."

Lily and Lila Bennington will join Grey Daze members, Sean Dowdell, Mace Beyers and Cristin Davis, and special guests Dave Navarro and Filter's Richard Patrick on the disc - which was created by recording new music with vocal tracks Chester laid down between 1994 and 1997.

The band's drummer Sean Dowdell said about the album, “It’s going to surprise a lot of people because it gets back to Chester’s core. One of the things that people love about him was his unique ability to scream in key… and this song brings you back to everything you love about that scream. You feel that angst and raw emotion he brought to everything he did.”

"The Phoenix" serves as the follow up to the 2020 album "Amends", which was created in the same fashion as the new release.

Dowdell said, “Amends was more emotional and reflective. We felt sad when we were writing it. Now that we’re a couple of years removed, it’s very clear what we were going through. We were at a different stage of grief. We went through the shock and the sadness. Now, we’re back to gratitude. So, The Phoenix is more of a celebration of our friend, his talent, and the music. It captures Chester’s angst and energy that people fell in love with. It’s much more aggressive. If you love Chester’s scream, you’ll love this record.”

"The Phoenix" will drop on June 17.

Chester Bennington died by suicide on July 20, 2017 at the age of 41.

He left behind his wife, Talinda, and his six children.

Linkin Park has been inactive since Bennington's death and the band has given no official indication of continuing without Chester.

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