*WATCH NOW* Early Ray gives Warrant's classic track a new sound

Well, we're a little bit closer to determining where the Down Boys go these days - to the ranch!

Up and coming country artist Early Ray have taken a bit of the Sunset Strip down on the farm with their reworking of Warrant's anthemic "Cherry Pie", which we all know and love (...admit it!), with "Apple Pie".

I'll be 100% transparent - I don't care for Warrant or country music and - against all logic - I *LOVE* this.

Hailing from Charlotte, since forming in 2010 Early Ray has been compared to current Nashville royalty as Jason Aldean and the Zac Brown Band and they've been ripping it up alongside such peers as Dierks Bentley, Charlie Daniels, Pat Green, Montgomery Gentry, and many other notables.

And this freaking rocks. Seriously.

Their live shows are especially cool because in addition to the sounds they're bringing to the table, they also rock it up a bit, steeping such artists as Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Poison and Pink Floyd in their own distinct vibe.

And screw Waldo, the video features some familiar faces who aren't difficult to pick out of a crowd - including veteran Billy Morris (Tuff/former Warrant/former Quiet Riot/former a billion other cool bands) on guitar and - wait for it - the original "Cherry Pie" gal Bobbie Brown is here too.

You're welcome, gentlemen.

Check it out above and keep up with Early Ray here and here

Trust me. This is the song of the summer.

Grab another piece.

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