Teen Steers School Bus, Saves Students After Driver’s Heart Attack

A 15-year-old Australian schoolgirl is being hailed as a hero after she took control of a school bus when the driver suffered a heart attack. The incident occurred on Monday afternoon in the town of Ashmore in Southeast Queensland. Witnesses say that the driver cried out and grabbed his chest before becoming unresponsive.

Sitting at the front of the bus, the quick-thinking student grabbed the steering wheel and guided the bus through the traffic, avoiding other vehicles at a busy intersection. Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor John Nolan commended the teen’s actions, saying that her bravery saved the 25 other students on board from serious harm. He describes how she removed the driver's foot from the accelerator and hands from the steering wheel, keeping the bus straight as it slowed down.

Emergency services transported the 70-year-old driver to Gold Coast University Hospital in serious condition. Despite being a bit flustered, the teen girl's courageous actions kept her fellow students safe. Aquinas College principal Marcus Richardson later released a statement praising the efforts of both students and staff at the scene.

Source: NY POST

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