Ohio Cop Makes Sure New Mom In Need Has Formula For Her Baby

The Miami Township, Ohio, Police Department shared a touching story last week on social media about one of their own going above and beyond to make sure a young mother in need was able to feed her newborn baby. Corporal Hunter Willoughby recently responded to an early morning call from a new mother who was unable to breastfeed her newborn and was desperate for help getting formula for her baby.

Video of the act of kindness was released by the department and shows Willoughby knocking on the window of a closed Meijer grocery store until an employee notices and comes to assist him. He explains the mother's situation to the staffer and asks if someone can open a cash register so he can purchase the formula for her. Willoughby carefully selects a can of infant formula and — on the advice of a Meijer staffer — picks up a baby bottle, too. The kind officer then delivers the formula and bottle to the grateful mom, refusing her offer to repay him for the purchase.

Miami Township Police Chief Mike Mills praised Willoughby’s actions, saying that they exemplify their officers’ commitment to the people of Miami Township and noting that such acts of kindness often go unnoticed. He says that Willoughby’s generosity and refusal to accept payment reflect the dedication of the department and the values of the community.


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