Off-Duty Firefighter Saves Man Having “Widowmaker” Heart Attack

While at the Shelby County Fair watching his grandson race four-wheelers, Clifton Vaught of Taylorsville, Kentucky, suffered a severe heart attack, the deadly kind often referred to as a “widowmaker.” Fortunately, Tatum Scharrer, an off-duty firefighter with the Southeast Bullitt County Fire Department saw Vaught go down and rushed across the race course to save him.

Although Vaught has no memory of the ordeal, his wife Wanda recalls the terrifying moment when he collapsed and Scharrer quickly started CPR, likely saving her husband’s life. He later visited Vaught in the hospital and Wanda expressed immense gratitude, saying their family would never forget the young firefighter’s life-saving actions.

Vaught's doctor says he’s lucky to be alive and describes his survival as miraculous, given the slim chances. This experience has him now taking more time to enjoy time with his grandchildren, a blessing both he and his family deeply appreciate.

Source: WTSP

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