Chipotle Delivery Leads To Driver’s Wedding Getting Paid Off

An Arizona couple is going to get their dream wedding thanks to the kindness of strangers. Paul Slobodzian was delivering a Chipotle order to Erica Hernandez and included a note saying how he was working as a delivery driver to make extra money to save up for his wedding to his fiancée Aly Perkins. Hernandez was moved by the message and decided to share it on social media.

Hernandez's TikTok post went viral within two hours, attracting a massive response, followed by an outpouring of support and donations to the bride and groom. In less than a week, they’d received enough contributions to cover all the expenses for their planned wedding in September.

Perkins expressed their gratitude, amazed that a stranger's act of kindness had led to such a life-changing outcome. With their wedding now funded, the couple plans to focus on spending quality time together before their big day. In a gesture of thanks, Slobodzian and Perkins gave Hernandez $1,000 and invited her to their wedding, which she accepted.


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