Missing Toddler & Mom Rescued From River Canyon

A three-year-old child and his mother were recently rescued from a steep river canyon in Nevada County, California. The child was safely airlifted from the canyon with only some scratches and possible dehydration. The mother, who’d fled into the remote area after a dispute with the child's father, was also found and rescued from the canyon.

An Amber Alert was triggered when the 30-year-old mother took the child into the bushy area following a confrontation with her ex and father of the child, who was visiting from Florida. The situation escalated when she got in a physical altercation with him and fled with the child. The father reported the incident to authorities, prompting a search effort by the local sheriff's office, which included 13 deputies and 35 search and rescue volunteers.

Rescue teams located the pair after search volunteers heard cries for help around dusk. After confirming their location from the air by plane, a California Highway Patrol helicopter pinpointed their exact position. The child was airlifted and reunited with his father and then the mother was rescued.

Source: KCRA

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