Dog Runs 4 Miles To Get Help For Owner After Crash Over Cliff

Last week, Brandon Garrett was driving with his four dogs on a U.S. Forest Service Road in Baker County, Oregon, when he crashed into a ravine. Stranded and injured, he had no choice but to wait for help, not knowing that one of his dogs was already on a mission to save him. The dog ran nearly four miles back to their campsite, alerting Garrett's family to the accident.

Realizing something was wrong, the family quickly began searching for Garrett and eventually spotted his car in the ravine. The difficult terrain prevented them from reaching him, so they called in emergency rescuers who used chainsaws to clear a path to him. Rescuers then used a rescue blanket and rope to retrieve Garrett and his three other dogs from the ravine.

Garrett was found about 100 yards from the trail with his three other dogs, all of whom were alive and well. Authorities administered first aid before transporting him by ambulance to a helicopter, which flew him to a nearby hospital for treatment. Now Garrett and his family are praising his dog for helping to save him, leading to his timely rescue.


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