Teen Saves Woman Stuck In Wheelchair From Oncoming Train

Close-up of rail tracks on wooden trestle viaduct of Trans-River Kwai Death Railway at Saphan Tham Krasae, near Kanchanaburi.

Photo: Holger Leue / The Image Bank / Getty Images

An elderly woman in Alabama was nearly hit by a train on Monday, but a teenage hero saved her life. Lilly Baker was driving in Ardmore when she spotted the woman struggling to cross a railroad track in her wheelchair. The 18-year-old watched as several people passed right by the situation and didn’t stop to help, so she got out to offer assistance.

Just as Lilly started to help the woman, they heard the sound of an oncoming train rushing toward them. She recalls that the woman was trying to explain that she can’t walk and was in pain, but they had no time to waste. After pulling with all her strength, Lilly was able to get them both out of danger, just in the nick of time.

Unfortunately, the woman broke both of her ankles in the ordeal, but thanks to the teen’s efforts, they escaped with their lives. Ardmore Police Chief Jereme Robison has also praised Lilly’s heroic actions. “If it wasn’t for her today, there would be someone who’s not alive right now,” he said. “For such a young lady to do this, it shows bravery and courage come in all sizes and shapes.”

Source: WAFF

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