#GoodNews: Woman Wins $150K Just After Paying For Stranger’s Groceries

Lotto ticket scratch off

Photo: Douglas Sacha / Moment / Getty Images

A Virginia woman experienced an extraordinary stroke of luck right after performing a kind deed. While at a 7-Eleven in Chester, Briana Mills noticed the person ahead of her struggling to pay for their groceries, so she generously stepped in to cover the cost.

Shortly after this act of kindness, she purchased a "Strike It Rich" scratch-off lottery ticket from the same store. The ticket turned out to be a $150-thousand winner, the top prize for the game. The chance of winning the “Strike It Rich” game’s top prize is one in 1.2 million.

Still reeling from her amazing luck, Mills walked outside and spotted a rainbow in the sky. She held up her winning ticket and snapped a photo with the rainbow in the background.


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