Truck Driver Saves Choking Mom On Side Of Highway

A truck driver named Jeff Hanus became a hero when he saved a choking mother in front of her two children on the side of Interstate 55 in Chicago.

A truck-mounted camera captured the intense moment when he rushed to the woman’s aid after she signaled for help by clutching her throat. He quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver, and after two thrusts, dislodged the object that was choking her, potentially preventing a tragic accident.

Hanus, a retired Army sergeant also from Chicago, credits his quick action to instinct. He learned the Heimlich maneuver after losing a friend to choking a few years ago, so he knew how serious the situation was.

The vet expressed gratitude and relief that the woman found him that day. "Her angels and my angels got together,” Hanus says, “And it worked out."


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