Stranger Builds Bus Stop Bench So Kids Can Sit While Waiting

At the start of the school year, 12-year-old Anthony Wall and his schoolmates in Louisville, Kentucky, had to wait up to an hour or more each morning for their bus to arrive. To make matters worse, at their bus stop there was no place to sit because there wasn’t a bench or even a sidewalk. Anthony says he and the other students sat on the damp ground.

But when the students returned after Labor Day, a kind stranger had left a surprise for them. At their bus stop there’s now a handmade bench for the kids. On it is a sign that reads, “Take a seat, have a good day at school."

It’s unknown who provided the bench, but Anthony was blown away that someone would go to that trouble, saying, "I think it is really kind and generous to do that for someone you don't know."

Source: WLKY

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