Couple Saves 14 People After Houseboat Fire

Last week, Jake Cahoon and his wife Courtney were enjoying the last days of summer on Lake Powell in Utah when they heard a loud boom. It’s believed that the motor on a nearby houseboat exploded and the boat quickly went up in flames.

On board the burning boat were 25 people including seven children and a two-month-old baby. As the people jumped ship to avoid the inferno, the Cahoons sprang into action to help. They got as close to the distressed boat as they could and helped 14 of the boaters onto their vessel. The remaining passengers were picked up by another boater and a ranger boat.

Amazingly, no one was injured in the incident, but the houseboat was entirely consumed by the fire and later sank. The Calhoons were thankful that they were able to help. “After it all ended and we all went back to our houseboat, we were teary-eyed and just like grateful everyone was OK,” Courtney recalls, adding, “So yeah, it was crazy, but I’m so glad for the outcome.”


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