Tween Saves Drowning Man With CPR Learned From “Stranger Things”

Last week, Florida 12-year-old Austen MacMillan was swimming with his behavioral therapist, Jason Piquette, when the therapist tried to see how long he could hold his breath underwater. After a few minutes, the tween became concerned. “It was like six to five minutes he was under the water and I was like, 'That's way too long. He can not do that,'” MacMillan recalls.

The incident was caught on surveillance video as MacMillan swam over to Piquette, pulling him to a shallow area, and rushed out to find help. Another camera recorded him running out into the front yard and yelling for help. The tween then returns to Piquette and starts performing CPR, something he learned from a scene in the popular TV show “Stranger Things.”

Then Piquette came to. "After I gave him CPR, he woke up a few minutes later," MacMillan shares. By the time the tween's father arrived and called 911, Piquette was already regaining consciousness. The therapist is grateful and proud of MacMillan for saving him. “I’m just so, like, amazed at how strong he was and how wise he was in that moment,” Piquette says, “And I always want him to know that he is a hero.”

Source: ABC NEWS

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