#GoodNews: Community Activist Gives Away $15k Free Gas On His Bday

A community activist in Des Moines, Iowa, treated others to a gift on his birthday. On Saturday morning, Reverend Rob Johnson celebrated his 35th birthday by giving away $15,000 in free gas.

Hundreds of cars lined up around the block so they could get in on the free fuel and while they waited to get their tanks filled, they were given a slice of breakfast pizza to sweeten the deal. It’s a tradition the Reverend started last year and this year, he raised the $15-thousand used to cover the gas with the Des Moines Urban Experience.

“Somebody right now is blessed because they didn’t have the gas to make it, but we got it done,” Johnson says. “Love is an action. And this right here, this is what we’re doing. Making it happen for our community.”

Source: KCCI

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