#GoodNews: Valuable Rare Gold Coin Dropped In Salvation Army Kettle

A valuable rare gold coin gets dropped into a Salvation Army Red Kettle in the Detroit area. Earlier this week, an anonymous donor dropped a one-ounce 1980 South African gold Krugerrand coin into a Salvation Army Red Kettle at a Kroger in St Clair Shores, Michigan.

It’s the tenth year in a row that a donor has deposited a Krugerrand into a Red Kettle in the area. The gold coin is worth more than $1,700 and brings The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit that much closer to its fundraising goal of $8.2 million.

Money donated to Red Kettles helps The Salvation Army to continue its mission of feeding, clothing and supporting people in need.

In 2021 alone, The Salvation Army provided more than two-million meals, over 400,000 nights of shelter, and around 88,000 Christmas gifts for children and seniors.

Source: WXYZ

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