#GoodNews: Ohio Couple Delivers Packages After FedEx Driver Dumps Them

A couple in Ohio delivers packers after a FedEx driver dumps them on the side of the road. Tristen Raisch and Zachary Arnwine were headed home on Black Friday after spending time with family when they spotted a FedEx delivery truck parked on the side of the road with its hazard lights on. Raisch says it looked like the delivery driver was throwing packages on the side of the road, so they turned around to investigate.

By the time they got back to the spot, the truck had left, but then they saw multiple packages had been tossed over a guardrail off of the side of the road. The couple was horrified that the driver just threw the packages away instead of delivering them, so they decided to do the right thing and deliver the packages themselves. They spent hours driving around suburban Dayton making the deliveries to their grateful owners. “They were amazed,” Arnwine says of the recipients, and adds that they, “just kept thanking me so much.”

Raisch and Arnwine couldn’t stand the thought of people not getting their packages during the holidays and hope that if it was their deliveries that had been tossed out, that someone would do the same for them. They tried reaching out to FedEx multiple times, but didn’t receive a response. Arnwine says he hopes the driver is caught before he can dump more packages, “because that’s wrong for this time of year.”

Source: NY Post

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