#GoodNews: First Responders Save Man Whose Heart Stopped For Five Minutes

Minnesota first responders save the life of a man whose heart stopped for five minutes. One night last month Terry Steinmetz woke up with severe chest pains and told his wife, Lori, he thought he was having a heart attack. She called 911 and paramedics Kayla Hedlund and Royce Hsiung responded, followed by Chisago County Sheriff's Office Patrol Sergeant Reggie Martin.

They walked Terry out to their ambulance to transport him to the University Hospital in Minneapolis. But as when they got him on the stretcher in the back of the ambulance, Terry went into full cardiac arrest. The paramedics performed CPR on Terry for five minutes before he regained consciousness. Meanwhile, Martin took on driving duties to get the ambulance to the hospital.

After a few weeks of recovery, Terry was feeling like himself again and met with representatives from Lakes Region EMS and the Sheriff’s office as well as his rescuers, Hsiung, Hedlund, and Martin. He thanked them for going above and beyond to save him. He feels like without them he wouldn’t be alive today. "It's really hard to wrap your mind around the fact that life is fragile and can end in an instant. Every day I'm happy to be here. Happy for these people,” he says. “They saved me. They did. They brought me back."

Source: KARE 11

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