#GoodNews: About 200 Fishermen Rescued After Ice Chunk Breaks Off In Lake

Around 200 fishermen ice fishing on a Minnesota lake are rescued after a section of ice connecting them to the mainland breaks off. Earlier this week, the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office coordinated a rescue of what they estimated to be around 200 fishermen from a chunk of ice in the middle of Upper Red Lake in Northern Minnesota.

The Sheriff’s Office posted about the rescue on social media. They say they received a 911 call from a fisherman saying that around 100 fishermen were stranded out on the lake after the ice bridge to the shore broke off. Rescuers from multiple agencies responded to the call and determined that the section of ice the fishermen were on had floated about 30 yards out into the lake. Using a drone, they found the part of the ice that was closest to the shore and laid down a temporary bridge to evacuate the fishermen.

Because many of the fishermen weren’t even aware that they were stranded out on the lake and to make sure that everyone had been rescued, local officials used the Wireless Emergency Alert system to send messages to every phone in the area telling them where to find the evacuation site. In the end, the Sheriff’s Office estimates that 200 fishermen were safely evacuated from the ice island. In their post, they gave props to the agencies that aided in the rescue and also reminded everyone that early-season lake ice can be unpredictable and to be extra careful.

Source: ABC News

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