Community Builds Home For Special Needs Family

A Texas community comes together to build a new house for a family with adult children with special needs. After a heavy freeze in 2021, Emily Hamilton heard that Lily Black, one of her mother’s friends from church, had the pipes in her home burst. The Blacks were left without running water and had three adult children with special needs living with them. So Emily hosted a fundraiser for the family to help fix their plumbing.

They were able to raise the money, but when Emily and her husband Chris, who both work in the construction business, went to the Black’s house, they realized that the home needed much more. They knew it would be a lot of work, but they decided to try and build the Blacks a new home with help from partners in the community. But it wasn’t a tough sell to those who knew the Black family. Lily and her husband Bill Black are known to be generous, opening their home to eight adopted children, all with different medical and emotional needs, three of whom still lived with them.

After months of living in a trailer with their three adult sons with special needs, the Blacks finally got to move into their new home last week. Emily and Chris were able to make it happen with a lot of hard work, support from the community, and some anonymous donors. Chris says that after meeting so many people whose lives were touched by the Blacks through the whole process, he’s ever more sure that they did the right thing. And the Blacks are as humble and thankful as ever. “I’m overwhelmed. My breath is taken away. It’s wonderful” says Lily. “I’m just so appreciative.”

Source: KXAN

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