Toddler Heads Home For 1st Time After Two Years In Hospital

A Massachusetts toddler is heading home after spending the last two years in the hospital. Last Friday marked an important day for two-year-old Elijah Julien. After spending almost his entire life at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Boston, he was heading home for the first time in his life. Elijah was born premature and brought to Franciscan’s at four months old and has been there since.

During the last two years, the toddler has made huge improvements in his health, but he’s also formed strong relationships with the staff at Franciscan’s, where he’s known as “The Mayor.” One of his nurses, Caleigh O'Leary says not having Elijah at the hospital is going to be a big change for the staff there. “He is the highlight of my day coming up here and hearing him talk and seeing him walk around the units,” she says.

Another of Elijah’s nurses, Aubree Ronan has been amazed at seeing his progress over the years, saying, “It is like watching your own child grow right in front of your eyes." As Elijah’s mom strapped him into a carseat for the first time in his life, the nurses all lined up to say their goodbyes and wish the toddler good luck. Nurse Barbara Alskninis says they’re going to miss Elijah. "He's been a fantastic asset to this hospital."

Source: CBS News

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