#GoodNews: Northeast Ohio Kids Rescue Partially Paralyzed Man From Ditch

A group of kids in Kent come to the aid of a partially paralyzed man and free him from a ditch. In 2019, Matt Parisi suffered a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors told him he only had a 20% chance of ever walking again. But the Akron man overcame the odds and regained some use of his legs through intensive therapy.

Now three years after the accident, Parisi is able to get around using a pair of forearm crutches and is earning living mowing lawns, able to do the work from atop a riding lawnmower. He was mowing a lawn in Kent recently when his mower bottomed out in a drainage ditch and got stuck. A woman in a nearby home saw his predicament and called for her sons and their friends to go and help Parisi.

A group of more than a dozen boys, ages eight to 16, went to see if they could help. Each of the boys grabbed a part of the mower, which Parisi told them weighs around 1-thousand pounds, and they were able to lift it out of the ditch. The boys all cheered after their accomplishment. A few days later, a grateful Parisi returned to the neighborhood to thank the boys and give them some homemade treats and ice cream. The boys were rightly proud of themselves for having made a positive impact.

Source: News 5 Cleveland

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