#GoodNews: Montana Couple Reunited With Family Photos After Flood

A Montana couple is reunited with their lost family photos after a flood washed all of their belongings downstream. Milt and Kathy Bastian live on Rock Creek in Red Lodge, Montana, and their home was completely destroyed by the recent flood there. Fortunately, the Bastians had evacuated to a relative’s home, but neighbors said they saw all the couple’s furniture being washed downstream.

As cleanup efforts began, Red Lodge community members started coming across household items strewn across the town and they turned a local park into a makeshift “lost and found.” Locals posted some of the items to the community’s Facebook page and that’s where the Bastian’s granddaughter, Courtney Halvorson, spotted her grandparent’s dresser.

Using the information from the community page, Halvorson was able to locate the dresser and inside of it were the family’s precious photos, largely still in good condition. "The most heartwarming photo that was found was my grandmother's parents' wedding picture," she says. As the days go by, more of the Bastian’s belongings are being located and in a community so devastated, little victories like these are a reason to be happy.

Source: WCVB

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