Dad Finally Learns How To Read And Write From Preschool Teacher Daughter

A California preschool teacher is teaching her father how to read and write. Every day, Lucy Flores teaches preschoolers in San Francisco to read and write. And then three days a week after school, she spends a couple of hours with her 43-year-old father, Luciano Flores, teaching him to read as well.

Luciano grew up in Mexico and when he was in the first grade, he stopped going to school in order to start working to help support his family. He immigrated to the U.S. when Lucy was three-years-old and has worked in construction, where he relied on his math skills but never told anyone he couldn’t read. With his support, Lucy was able to become the first person in the family to earn a college degree and now that she has teaching experience, she thought she could teach her father to read and write.

For the last four months, Lucy has been meeting with her dad after they’re both done with work to practice his reading and writing. She’s shared their journey on her TikTok page where her posts have racked up millions of views. She says she’s encouraged that others are finding inspiration in their learning process, and the whole experience has brought her and her father closer together. She recently posted a video of them sitting in their backyard drawing with chalk and says, “That's nothing I've ever done with him in my whole life.”

Source: ABC News

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