Myles Garrett Rates Josh Allen And Reacts To Relocated Game

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 13: Myles Garrett #95 of the Cleveland Browns runs onto the field prior to the game against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on November 13, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida.Photo: Megan Briggs/Getty Images

On where Bills QB Josh Allen ranks among NFL QBs:

“He is top tier. He is always in the MVP talk and that caliber. We have to treat him as such and respect him as such and try to attack him just like we have with these other guys who are amongst that league.”

On if getting Allen to the ground is as important as getting to Allen due to size:

“I think it was the same thing as when Big Ben (former Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger) was young, having that athletic ability, refusing to go down and not actively looking to slide but looking to find contact and earn those extra yards. I think the big thing is if you can’t get him down, take the ball away. Try to rip and try to punch the ball because he is going to fight for those extra yards. He might have it out there trying to make a play or trying to look for that late read so just try to get the ball from him if you can’t get him down.”

On how much routine changes with the game being moved to Detroit:

“It doesn’t change at all. Our preparation is all the same. Now it is a bus instead of a flight.”

On CB Greg Newsome II colliding with a teammate in practice today and uncertainty about if Newsome will be able to play:

“I don’t know what I don’t know. If he is able to play, we are happy to have him because he is a playmaker there, but we have guys who are chomping at the bit and ready to step up and fill the role.”

On how much it benefits him as an edge rusher to play on turf instead of snow:

“It benefits everybody that we are not playing in the snow. As much fun as it is as a kid, we get paid too much to be slipping and sliding around and trying to make plays and trying to do what we do on a regular basis when we are on three feet of snow. This turf is pretty bad in itself as far as its track record with injuries so just make sure the guys are hydrated and properly warmed up and stretched so nobody is putting themselves in danger of getting hurt, but I will take the turf over the snow just about any day.”

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