Ohio Eatery Among The Best 'Small-Town Restaurants' In The U.S.

Photo: Drazen Zigic/iStock/Getty Images

You don't have to travel to the Big City to find incredible restaurants. Sometimes, the best dining establishments can be found hidden in small towns and little hamlets away from the bustling crowds of a metropolitan city. Taste of Home searched for the best small-town restaurants across America that "[cook] up hearty and delicious food that's beloved by locals and any folks passing through," compiling a list of the best spot in each state.

Among the tasty, must-try restaurants is Ohio's very own Das Dutch Haus, found in the small eastern city of Columbiana. This local favorite, which has a 4.5 star rating on Google and more than 3,00 reviews, serves up "old-fashioned meals and tasty homemade desserts," per its website. Das Dutch Haus is located at 14895 South Avenue in Columbiana.

Here's what Taste of Home had to say:

"The home-cooked Pennsylvania Dutch-style meals at Das Dutch Haus are equal to or better than anything your taste buds have ever met. One of the favorite dinners is the haddock, which you can also get as a sandwich. And the apple dumplings are the greatest in the area. You will also experience the best of the friendly, local culture. It is not unusual to see owner Ray Horst help with hosting."

Check out the full list at Taste of Home to see more of the best small-town restaurants around the country that are worth visiting. If you're curious about other hidden gems in Ohio, read our previous coverage of the best "out-of-town" restaurant in the state.

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