This Week's Weird News

A massive Bigfoot statue that went missing in Florida, several strange sights in the sky, and an unfortunate Indian man who died while trying to eat 50 eggs in one sitting were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

Two odd tales of thievery made news this past week with decidedly different outcomes. A massive one-ton boulder that had become a popular landmark in an Arizona national forest until it was somehow stolen last month was surprisingly returned to the location by what we assume were repentant individuals who didn't realize that it was a beloved community fixture dubbed 'Wizard Rock.' Meanwhile, an 800-pound Sasquatch statue was stolen from outside of a mattress store in Florida. Police there are hoping that the public can help identify the 'Bigfoot bandits' or offer information on where the eight-foot-tall piece may have gone.

Strange aerial anomalies seemed to dominate this past week's news cycle with three remarkable cases making headlines. First, a witness in Florida filmed a bizarre series of clouds that many likened to a proverbial 'stairway to heaven.' Following that, a Bigfoot researcher in Colorado caught sight of some chemtrails and, much to his astonishment, spotted a UFO while he was filming the mysterious mist exiting the airliner. And, finally, a woman in Philadelphia photographed a puzzling triangular shape, that some suspect could be a secret spy plane, looming in the sky over the city.

By far the most bizarre story of the week centered around a contentious wager between two friends that ultimately left one of them dead. While visiting a market in India, Subhash Yadav and his companion got into an argument over whether or not he could eat 50 eggs. It soon escalated into a bet, which Yadav gladly accepted. This would turn into a tragic mistake as, while eating his 42nd egg, the overstuffed man collapsed and subsequently died a few hours later due to what doctors said was overeating.

For more strange and unusual stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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