Bill Squire at North Coast Harbor Marina Boat Show

Bill Squire 100.7 WMMS Calendar Event

Join Bill Squire at North Coast Harbor Boat Show on Friday, September 13th from 11am - 1pm.

The 3-day free event will feature 100 power and sailboats displayed in the “Rock & Dock Marina” located in the shadow of Cleveland’s iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Boats will include fishing models, family runabouts, cruisers, motor yachts and sailboats. For the exhibiting dealers from across northern Ohio, it’s not just “show and tell” event, it’s a true “show and sell” happening. All the boats will be open for boarding and most will boast varying sales incentives. For example, new 2020 models being displayed may have introductory pricing and other incentives, like free winter storage and early orders for guaranteed spring delivery. Meanwhile, this year’s leftover models will be priced for clearance.

North Coast Harbor Boat Show will take place near Rock & Dock Marina behind Rock Hall - East 9th Street Pier downtown.

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