Corgan says Wretsky will never return to Smashing Pumpkins

Following nearly two years of conflict, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan says that bassist D'arcy Wretzky will never return to the band.

Corgan recently commented on all the reunion drama and said: "We spent two years trying to rebuild the bridge with her, and, at the end of the day, she chose not to be involved. We made every effort to involve her, including offering her the ability that she does not even have to be on the tour. She could show up at any time, she could play as much as she wanted to play. What it came down to is that she didn’t really wanna be involved. It was like a game of chicken and, eventually, we called her bluff and we made a decision to move on."

Earlier this year, Wretzky spoke to The New York Times about her botched return to the band claiming that it’s mainly about money, with Corgan allegedly earning double what the other members would bring home.

 "I really wanted to do this tour for the right reasons. If everybody was doing it for free, I would have done it for free."

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