Korn's Jonathan Davis is mad at the internet

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has shot down as false Internet speculation that the band is using outside writers for material for its next studio album.

Rumors of KORN collaborating with different writers began swirling when Davis said in an interview that KORN guitarists James "Munky" Shaffer and Brian "Head" Welch "have been writing with different people for a while, getting songs together" for the follow-up to 2016's "The Serenity Of Suffering" LP.

The singer's comments prompted online chatter about whether KORN was seeking outside help in putting songs together for its upcoming album.

"I f**king hate the Internet, man. I say, 'Hey, the guys have been working with a couple of people,' and they say, 'Oh, now they're using writers, and they suck.' I f**king hate it! We're writing everything. And when I get done with this [solo] tour, I'm gonna go back, I think, in July for a couple of days and start working with them. We're just working on music. It's just how it works. We're still writing our own music. It's all good. No worries, man — no worries."

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