Former Flyleaf singer loves God back

Former Flyleaf singer turned writer Lacey Sturm is set to release her third book, titled "The Return: Reflections On Loving God Back". According to Lacey, the new book is intended to help people "see each day as a gift from God, find balance in their busy lives and discover the joy of giving God's gifts back to him by using them to bring him glory."

She continues, “It just talks about bringing your heart back to God and your life to God in response to his love for us, and what that looks like when you follow your dreams, when you steward your inspiration and make the most with what's right in front of you. It's about answering your calling, it's about pursuing your purpose and just loving him back with each day that we're given. He's given us so much, and what are we gonna give him in return?  So that's why I wrote 'The Return', and that's kind of what it's about."

It’s not all written word, Lacey is still about music too. Her self-titled debut solo album was issued in 2016. She recently completed a tour of the U.S. with Red and Righteous Vendetta.

This NEW “Good Book” on May 22.


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