Foo Fighters are mixing things up on tour.

While most big business rock bands tend to stick to a strict set list on their tours, the Foo Fighters aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and change things up nightly. According to guitarist Chris Shiflett, Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl isn’t content to play the same, cookie cutter show from city to city.

Shiflett said, "Things change on a dime. When we get into that final third, Dave will start cutting, adding and rearranging songs, or he'll do stuff in a different order. You have to stay in the moment the whole time. You don't want to be up there thinking about the room service. It keeps you on your toes. We have a little jam room backstage where we can warm up and run through anything new once or twice just to get the dust off it a little bit. We play four or five new songs a night."

The band recently launched a new North American leg of their Concrete And Gold tour and you can rest assured that Grohl and the boys will be mixing up the set list at Blossom on July 25.


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