Crank This: Josh Todd & The Conflict

If I was asked to name an artist who has stayed consistent, if not always topping himself, I'd pick Josh Todd. Without a doubt.

This dude has been on my radar since 1993, when I got a flyer and demo cassette of his first band Slamhound from a pen pal, back when those were things. Slamhound blew my freaking mind when I was a teenager because they looked sleazy and glammy (ala, LA Guns) but the music was much more punky and aggressive than the typical "hair band", which was awesome because I was about 14 years old and angry at the world, and friggin' Nelson wasn't gonna cut it. Times changed, years passed and I never heard anything more from Slamhound. Gone, but not forgotten.

Flash to 1999 when i was watching MTV, again, back when that was a thing and saw a video from a band who actually SOUNDED like a hard rock band. They were raw, flashy, aggressive gang of Hollywood sleazers called Buckcherry, and they freaking rocked. Hard. Then I saw the video a few more times. No wonder I liked them so much - their singer was Josh freaking Todd.

For the better part of two decades Buckcherry has properly brought the rock, and they continue to this day, but Josh Todd is back with his new side-outlet, The Conflict, and the tradition continues. You NEED to be cranking their new album "The Year of the Tiger."

Check out the video for their song "Story of My Life", and hit these guys up on their Facebook.

You're welcome.

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