Study Reveals One-Third Of Americans Can't Eat Without Their Cellphone

According to a new study, one-third of Americans can't eat a meal without having their cellphone nearby, Fox News reports. 

Twenty-nine percent of people said their phone accompanies them to every meal and that using it while eating made the experience of eating far more enjoyable. Seventy-two percent of people say they watch television while eating. 

Both activities came in ahead of conversation with friends and family at the dinner table. 

Other research has shown in the past that using a cell phone during a family dinner is frowned upon by just about everyone. One survey by Pew Research Center found that 88 percent of people said it's generally 'Not OK" to use a cell phone during dinner. An even larger percentage said using cellphones during meetings is even more inappropriate. 

Unsurprisingly, younger adults have fewer qualms about using a cellphone at dinner. Among adults aged 18  to 29, only 16 percent say it's OK to use your phone during family dinner. 


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