This year WMMS turns the big 5-0! We're showcasing all the memories that WMMS has made over the years starting back from 1968! Stay tuned for monthly updates with new pictures, videos, show segments from the past and more! See how the Le Buzzard and WMMS show has changed over time and enjoy your trip down memory lane in the WMMS vault!  

This month's featured talent is: KID LEO!

Afternoons, 1973-1988

Lawrence James Travagliante - aka Kid Leo. His radio career began in 1973 with Cleveland on 100.7 WMMS. Being one of the highest-rated radio stations in the country, he became the afternoon drive DJ in 1974, all the way until December of 1988 - which he then decided to part pays with Cleveland. He influenced many listeners of the station and kept the momentum alive pushing new music into the ears and speakers of the audience of WMMS. He gave many new up and coming artists exposure and put them on the map to their road to stardom.  Some of those artists were Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Pat Benatar, Roxy Music, Cyndi Lauper, The Pretenders, New York Dolls, and Southside Johnny.

Kid Leo was actively involved in the campaign in bringing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Cleveland - which lead to the mayor Geroge Voinovich granting him a key to the city in 1990.  He is part of the permanent radio exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

WMMS logo 1963 - The FIRST ONE!

The very first logo to ever be created for WMMS was a red and white rainbow. It was supposed to be a colorful logo including all the rainbow colors - but at the time, the station didn't have the budget to do multiple colors so they kept it one color. Good old Red!

Listen to 100.7 WMMS this Saturday night at 10pm and hear the show, as it happened, 21 years ago!

Metallica Millennium Contest

One lucky listener received a Harley Davidson autographed by Metallica for the Metallica Millennium contest in 2000.