WMMS 50th Anniversary

This year WMMS turns the big 5-0! We're showcasing all the memories that WMMS has made over the years starting back from 1968! Stay tuned for monthly updates with new pictures, videos, show segments from the past and more! See how the Le Buzzard and WMMS show has changed over time and enjoy your trip down memory lane in the WMMS vault!  

This month's featured talent is: Murray Saul

Murray Saul

Murray Saul joined the WMMS staff as a salesman. One day a co-worker overheard him ranting in the halls of the radio station and got the idea to feature him on the air with a salute to the weekend. Saul kicked off the weekend every Friday at 6:00pm with his Get Down rants helping Clevelanders get ready for the weekend. He would go on and on about what is wrong with the world, horrible co-workers and bosses and the daily grind of the work day. “You gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta get dooooooowwwwn!”

His rant followed Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.” The kickoff to the weekend continued with Ian Hunter’s “Cleveland Rocks” and Earth Quake’s “Friday on my mind.”

The Buzzard – 1974

April 16, 1974 the Buzzard was born.   The Buzzard made its first appearance in a print ad in a magazine called Zeppelin.   The first buzzard which has penned the name “The Wrath of the Buzzard” can be seen sitting atop a mushroom paying homage to the former logo along with the competitor’s call letters WGCL and WIXY grasped in its beak.  David Helton who at the time was working for American Greetings is the man responsible for giving us the iconic symbol we still use to this day.

Buzzard Bone Publication

The debut issue of Buzzard Bone, arrived in September of 1995 and featured the brand new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the cover story, with an article tracing the history of the museum, which had its grand opening that same month. The short-lived music magazine featured a diverse mix of interviews, opinion pieces, album reviews,  Buzzard playlists, concert listings and photos from station events. With content being supplied by journalists and WMMS personnel, it was the perfect companion to what WMMS was doing on air at the time with a focus on the new bands and artists of the alternative music era. 'MMS listener favorites like Green Day, Letters to Cleo, Everclear, Better Than Ezra, Alice in Chains, Garbage and Silverchair were just a few of the bands featured in Buzzard Bone.

Bryan Adams Agora photo credit: Janet Macoska

WMMS White Trash Wedding - February 1999

One listener was selected to marry the love of his life or at least at the time during a live broadcast on 100.7 WMMS.   The contest titled the “White Trash Wedding” prize included everything needed to make a wedding day special – limo, wedding dress, tuxedo rental, flowers, cake and the ceremony which took place at Mickey’s Diamond Men’s Club in the Flats.

Kid Leo Interviews Van Halen – April 20, 1980

Kid Leo interviews David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony before their show at the Richfield Colesium.


Read more about WMMS history in:

Radio Daze: Stories from the Front in Cleveland’s FM Air Wars  by Mike Olszewski (Kent State University Press) 

Cleveland Radio Tales by Mike & Janice Olszewski (Gray & Co., Publishers)



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