People Say Kid Looks Nothing Like Mom, DNA Proves Nurse Switched Her Baby

In 1978, two baby girls were born at the same time in the same hospital in Moldova, in eastern Europe. Nurses quickly came to give Valentina and Tatyana a bath — but accidentally returned them to the wrong mothers!

In the days and months following the horrible mix-up, both girls constantly cried and struggled with eating. But of course, neither mom thought this strange behavior was because the babies weren’t actually theirs.

Tatyana’s family had heard rumors about a mistake made in the hospital, but it wasn’t until 1999 that they took the rumors more seriously. They were preparing to move to the United States when a neighbor who knew both families approached them about “the switch.” The neighbor could tell that one girl physically looked like she belonged to the other family, and vice versa.

Tatyana’s family searched for this mysterious other family before leaving the country, but to no avail. Each time they returned to Moldova over the years, they’d try to find more information.

Then, in August 2017, the neighbor was finally able to give them Valentina’s full name. Tatyana searched for her on Facebook… and found a match!

After asking Valentina her age and birthplace, she asked her to send over some baby photos. The second she saw Valentina’s photos, she couldn’t help but notice she looked much more like her family than she ever did.

Thirty-nine years after the newborn mix-up, it was confirmed: all this time, the rumors were true. Now it was time for the two families to meet.

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Photo: Little Things