Sammy Hagar's birthday snub from Van Halen

Sammy Hagar has once again been asked about his relationship with his former bandmates in Van Halen and apparently there isn’t one – but it’s not for any lack of his trying.

Last January, Hagar made a special ‘happy birthday’ tweet to Eddie Van Halen and Eddie tweeted back "Thanks Sammy. Hope you're well too."

But that’s as far as it ever went.  Hagar told Billboard, "Let's put it like this -- when it came to my birthday, I didn't get a message. So obviously that camp, him and Al, still have some kind of trip against me."

Sammy then revealed that he might be interested in regrouping if they launched a tour with him, as well as original vocalist David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony back on bass. "That's really the only way I would be interested in a Van Halen reunion".