White Lies Told to Black Lives

As we’re told repeatedly, every time a disgruntled white man gets on TV, “This is America.” In America, the citizens are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, right? Well, can someone explain to me why we’re still experiencing racial inequality in this country?! I don’t get why every time a black man gets stopped by a cop unjustly, provoked, profiled, harassed, or gets murdered in cold blood, there’s always a justification for it. No matter how clean-cut the evidence is of wrongdoing; there will always be a percentage of people okay with the slaughter of a person of color. It’s sickening.

Why is it that a person of color has to do everything perfectly in this country to get ahead, while white people can get away with being mediocre? Need an example? Let’s take a look at current Petty Commander-in-Chief v. Forever President *cough cough* Barack Obama. Obama had to get into Harvard on his own accord; he didn’t have daddy’s money. Every speech, every public appearance, every emotion had to be manicured to the white public’s liking. With the Orange Cheeto in charge (he will not be named), we barely get a coherent sentence from him, let alone a SPEECH! And people that voted for him eat it up, knowing they wouldn’t allow their 5th grader to talk like that, let alone The President of the United States.

People of color in this country were sold a bill of goods that we can’t seem to cash. Ahmaud Arbery, Treyvon Martin, & Tamir Rice, the last one being from right here in Cleveland, all got their lives cut short because of a system that was never designed to protect them. And before you say, “Well, if they just complied!” Complied my ass! You know as well as the people that shot them that they weren’t ever going to make it out alive. All because of your PREJUDICE. Where was the “just comply” when those protesters brought their guns into the Michigan capital building screaming in the officers faces…all unmasked by the way. Did the officers fear for their lives then? Or were there too many cameras around? People of color will continue to get slaughtered unjustly unless good people stick up for them. Just remember, Ahmaud Arbery’s killers were not arrested because Georgia officials saw the tape, they were arrested because WE saw the tape!

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