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  • ACS Clips: The gang weighs in on Usher's Herpes Lawsuit
  • Nerd Alert: Game of Thrones cast does Ice Ice Baby
  • Viral: London Police search for man that pushed woman into street
  • Must See: A T-Rex does a front flip in to a raft
  • So Social: Erika's in an old mans cave and more!

Usher is getting hit with a bunch of accusations that he's giving people herpes.

I always appreciate the time it takes to do one of these mash ups. This one is exceptionally well done. 

I hope they find this guy. What a piece of trash. 

T-Rex may have short arms but bro can flip. 

Skitzo Bill is a local comedian that I love taking boomerangs of on Instagram. 

I love @skitzobill boomerangs

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Erika explored an old man's cave over the weekend. 

Great meme by a great man. 

What's you four word obituary?