Odell Beckham Defends Sexuality After Underwear Ad Uproar

There’s a new Calvin Klein underwear campaign that features celebrities in their undies in unfiltered pics. Among those who’ve donned their skivvies, the Cleveland Browns’ Odell Beckham, Jr.

But after posting the pic on his Instagram, he had to deal with an onslaught of people questioning his sexuality. When enough was enough, Beckham felt compelled to respond.

We’ll let his words speak for themselves.

“Yallll chilllll mann damnnnn! It be a lot of y’all sayin sus and alll the other comments that realllly be a direct reflection of who u are! Im straight! Like beyond it. If I sit here and defend myself y’all gon say im tryna defend myself , if I sit there and say nothin yalll gon say ‘seee he didn’t say anything..’I’m good wit me. Which is dumb straightttt… Period. lol I don’t neeed to say this s… no mooooo! Half y’all girls in these comments. This the last time ima break this s… down for y’all. And lastly before I got hit the weight room! Much love to everybody out there! Fellas sorry man, gotta get a (bag) for it!”

Got that?


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